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Extending the power of Kaseya's Data and Information!

giSABER is comprised of giOpsCenter and giMobile, two tightly integrated products
that combine to add significant value to any Kaseya customer.

Greater Intell

Providing the intell that a Managed Service Provider needs.

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Situational Awareness for a
Business Effective Response.

Combining the power of an Operations Command Center with Mobile access to Kaseya Data and Functionality.

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Powerful Tools provided by our Partners, designed into giSABER, and specifically integrated with Kaseya.

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We are Greater Intell

We are a software development company focused on aggregating and improving the presentation of information while accommodating the latest tools and technologies for the rapidly evolving world of Information Technology.  Our approach has been to thoroughly evaluate the holistic needs of the companies, departments, and people who need to make use of seemingly disparate technologies to solve similar and common business problems.  We are bringing together technologies whose core commonality is the people and the businesses who need and use them. 

Trust from those we serve

Here at Greater Intell we are committed to quality in everything that we do. As we continue to grow, we will work closely with the executive team at Kaseya and our other partners to align our offerings with their direction and your needs.  We will continue to seek out strategic relationships and capabilities, and to remain very selective about the partners we choose and the technologies we integrate in order to maintain a high standard of excellence in our offerings, and the trust from those we serve.  We will continue to work hard to make an MSP's tasks easier to perform, and source information easier to analyze and use.

Some Recent Features

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Extensible Foundation

Provides integration of other third party applications.

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Priority Alerts

Agents assigned as priority for special handling and alerting.   Push notifications for priority alerts. Group Status indications.

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You can schedule appointments and associate tasks, tickets, alarms, and admins to the appointments

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Geospatial Information

Organization and Group addressing and mapping. Administrator location awareness and monitoring

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Mobile Access

System, Administrators, and Alert Information available on your mobile device. Integrated Push-To-Talk Group and one-to-one communication

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Operations Center

Big screen views with powerful dashboards.  New ways of presenting and extending data.

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Remote Support from an iPad

Our techs address and i remediate tickets and alerts, while away from their computer. The ability to schedule agent procedures, update tickets, track time and view historical data has created a secure and fast interface to increase productivity and customer satisfaction!

Bryan Green from Adaptive Technology Group

Remote Support While Getting Coffee

An amazingly powerful application let alone a mobile application. If I receive a trouble ticket while in line for coffee, I can update the ticket, notify the customer and reboot their computer all before my mocha is ready. giMobile does the majority of what a remote administrator needs to do from the field.

Sean Cooper of Daetanet

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